Ft. Worth Studio

Available Classes

At Karmany Yoga we offer many different options for your yoga practice in order to meet all your fitness needs. Some days you may need the intense workout; others days you may want a more gentle pace. Each teacher’s class will offer something a little different based on his or her own training and particular influences. We hope you try all of our classes and find something in each class that speaks to you.

Class Levels

All indicates multiple levels practicing together in varying depths and expressions of the poses that are presented in a very user-friendly way. Be prepared to explore or be introduced to preparations for inversions.

Class Types

Power Flow
A vigorous, more athletic approach to yoga techniques characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath and choreographed to increase strength and flexibility. Classes are designed for students from beginners to athletes. Modifications and intensifications are offered for every pose so you can work at your own pace. Build strength, flexibility, and lung capacity while improving balance and concentration.

Fundamentals Flow

This class will focus on the fundamentals of yoga for those new to yoga and for those who want to revisit the fundamentals. Included will be learning proper alignment and how to modify poses for your body; the importance of the breath; finding your yoga "edge"; and learning basic yoga anatomy. Excellent way to rid yourself of any hesitancy in taking a typical yoga flow class. Open to all age levels!

Gentle Flow

The “Gentle Flow” class at Karmany Yoga is based on the Practice of Yin and Restorative Yoga. Each session focuses on different muscles and joints so the format is ever changing. However, the intention always remains the same; “ Relax and clear the mind through deep, belly breathing while slowly stretching out tired, over used muscles.” Gentle Flow not only helps reduce stress it is beneficial to those recovering from minor injuries and/or surgeries, for people with adult on-set Scoliosis, Osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, chronic low back pain or Sciatica. These are just a few of the common disorders that greatly benefit from practicing Restorative Yoga regularly.

Soft Flow

A softer flow on a Sunday - doesn't that sound like the perfect way to round out the weekend and prepare for the work week? If you're looking to turn the volume down, to soften in the corners of your brain, and restore your body to inner peace, then this unique class was created just for you. This class will set the spiritual tone for your week. Appropriate for all levels, Soft Flow is the perfect environment for newer practitioners as well as a welcoming environment for that reluctant friend or family member you've been trying to convince to come to yoga with you.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient yogic science combining the technologies of breath, movement, mudra, mantra and meditation in an exercise set known as a Kriya. Kundalini Yoga has vast benefits including ~ nervous system strengthening ~ glandular balance ~ deep feelings of connection to spirit and life ~ mental and physical stamina ~ just to name a few!


This candlelit class will begin with some gentle, restorative poses set to soft music. Elyse will then share a guided meditation which will lead into 10 minutes of quiet meditation on your own. Suggested price is only $5.

Restorative Meditation

In Meditative Restorative we will explore breathing techniques to open our lungs, send fresh oxygen to our cells and set us up for deep yin and restorative stretches which target deep tissue healing. A meditative state occurs naturally as poses are generally held for 4-5 minutes each creating space for inner exploration and deep relaxation.