Dallas Studio

Available Classes

At Karmany Yoga we offer different types of yoga to appeal to all fitness needs. Some days you may need the intense workout of a Power Flow and other days you may require the more gentle pace of our Soft Flow Restorative class. Each teacher’s class will offer something a little different based on his or her own training and particular influences. We hope you try all of our classes and find something in each class that speaks to you.

Class Levels

All indicates multiple levels practicing together in varying depths and expressions of the poses that are presented in a very user-friendly way. Be prepared to explore or be introduced to preparations for inversions.

Class Types

Power Flow
A vigorous, more athletic approach to yoga techniques characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath and choreographed to increase strength and flexibility. Classes are designed for students from beginners to athletes. Modifications and intensifications are offered for every pose so you can work at your own pace. Build strength, flexibility, and lung capacity while improving balance and concentration.

Power Flow 2
If you're looking for an opportunity to play around with a few yoga tricks than look no further! In Power Flow 2 you will explore your practice by safely pushing your physical and mental boundaries. Of course arm balances and inversions are in order but rest assured the class will be balanced with holding and flowing poses while getting in a good sweat. All levels are welcome but this shouldn't be your first class. See you there!

Soft Flow/Restorative
The perfect Sunday morning class to turn down the volume and restore your body and mind for the week ahead. Using gentle flowing poses, the body will remain warm so you have time to marinate in deeper stretches. Top if off with healing restorative postures and you've got a recipe for a great Sunday! All levels welcome and great for beginners!

Contact Improvisation

Ever wanted to learn how to freely move your body in an improvised dance with others? Join Dr. Jessica Tartaro for a fone hour, weekly class dedicated to learning just that! Contact Improvisation is a playful dance form that involves two or more bodies communicating through touch. Partners neither lead nor follow, but practice trusting the unfolding movement between them, including rolling, falling, turning upside down, and giving and receiving weight with a partner. Come alone or bring a friend.